About the Coach

Coach Felix is 34 years old and has been playing soccer from an early age begining in the streets in Spain. His parents would be nearby at café while he would take a ball to make new friends and play soccer.

Growing up Felix played in Manhiem Township area programs & organized teams for his friends to play together. Each summer he would spend time in Spain with family teaching surfing at the beach.

Attending University in Florida he graduated with a Bachelors in Science for Filmmaking. As fate would have it, as he finished his time at school, family called for him to return home and help his aging grandmother. 

Film work in Lancaster was not the world he studied it would be. Many commercials were made without actors or sound. The crews on the jobs did not have the vibrant nature of people in the movie industry. 

He made the best of his time by getting  jobs at snowy mountains  teaching people how to Snowboard. During those months working three jobs and caring for his grandmother he continued to organize teams to play soccer.

Doctors told the family that grandmothers condition had improved and she urged Felix to travel to Spain when he got word of a trial at a Tercera Division Futbol Club in Spain. Felix packed his boots for a flight to Madrid. The experience at the Club was great, he could have stayed- but his grandmother fell ill again so he returned to the United States to care for her. She passed not long after.

Work finally picked up in the Industry so between pursuit of freelance gigs; soccer unfortunately took a bench until he moved to Washington DC. 

Upon arriving in the Capital city of the United States, it felt different. People were jogging the sidewalks, restaurants were busy and there was a lot of opportunity to play. Joining a semi-professional team to play 11 aside kept him fit.

In 2016 Felix moved back to Lancaster with a torn posterior cruciate ligament to start coaching kids to play soccer and reach farther than he could. They gave him 26 players on a under-15 team. This did not phase Coach in his first position in charge. After one season he was recruited to work at the Club level developing kids under-11-years old.

In 2019 Felix traveled for a month in England studying football and touring the birthplace of the wonderful sport. He visited London, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Horsham, Leicester, and Brighton to name a few.

Currently Felix works as Coach at Lancaster Catholic High School on the boys program side. The Crusaders had a difficult season making it to the AA State Final finishing in Second Place. 

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