Improvement as athletes is more than physical training. The mind is a vital asset for players to conquer the game, trainings and have respect of Coaches. The following are what we use to stay sharp technically, physically and mentally. These are all available as apps for your mobile devices and in some cases available as a webpage with more functionality.

Great for setting up drills with recovery times

Study how you played and watch other teams

Live scores and stats from +600 soccer leagues. (Check out the heat maps and shot maps)

Simple way to track workouts with available printouts

Track distance and pace

Complete the drills & get scouted by Pro Clubs

Listen to Matches by broadcasters at the match

Learn another language like it is a game

Easy format to learn different concepts

Listen to books when you need your eyes to focus on something else

Keep up with current events

Learn about developing sciences

Keep up with sports articles

Watch soccer leagues not normally available